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Laser dentistry therapy

Spot-on precision for a stunning smile.

Dental lasers have revolutionized many of today’s most common dentistry procedures.

Introducing Biolase dental lasers

At Caswell Orthodontics, we treat our patients with the top techniques and technology - and that includes Biolase. Biolase is the world’s leading innovator in diode dental lasers, designed for clinically superior and patient-friendly results.

Diode lasers use cutting-edge technology, and low-level energy, allowing them to replace the more invasive scalpel and reduce the need for stitches or local anesthesia.


Benefits of Biolase laser treatment

Our patients love Biolase laser treatment because it:

  • Is efficient and accurate
  • Is minimally invasive and more comfortable
  • Causes less damage to the gums, teeth, and other tissues
  • Prevents the need for stitches (in most cases)
  • Prevents the need for local anesthesia (in some cases)
  • Replaces drilling and incisions used in other methods
  • Allows for faster treatment and recovery times
  • Reduces bleeding and discomfort during treatment
  • Sterilizes your gums (which prevents bacterial infections)
  • Is quiet (unlike treatments that use drilling and vibration)


What is dental laser treatment used for?

Dental lasers are extremely effective for reshaping gums, cauterizing treatment areas, or treating cold sore flare-ups.

Our laser dental treatments are minimally invasive and very effective in soft tissue procedures, helping reduce swelling and improving your recovery time.


Does dental laser treatment hurt?

Dental laser treatment is virtually painless, with no pressure, vibration, or scalpels involved. To provide you with the most comfortable treatment possible, we may be able to numb your mouth with a local anesthetic - just ask!

After the procedure, discomfort is usually minimal and can easily be treated by taking over-the-counter pain relief.


Is dental laser treatment safe?

Yes, dental laser treatment is safe and has been used in dentistry since 1994. The Biolase diode lasers at Caswell Orthodontics use 98% less aerosols than traditional methods, making them extremely safe for both you and the environment.


Laser precision for a healthy smile

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